Service Times
Traditional:  8:30 am
Contemporary: 11:15 am

Sunday School

Children's:  10:00 am

Adult:  10:00 am

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Christ Alone


Ascension Lutheran Church believes that God is merciful and abounding in steadfast love.  He wants all people to come to know Him.  We believe that God displays His love for us in that He sent His Son, Jesus to make the full payment for all of our inconsistencies, all of our failings, all of our selfish desires and actions.  We also believe that because God loves us so much, as to take upon Himself all our punishment, and because He raised His Son Jesus, from the dead, we have full pardon and peace with God and an inheritance for all eternity!  Thank you Lord for giving us what we don't deserve.  It is all about alone, by grace alone, on account of Christ alone.

Ascension Lutheran Church

Rev. James Harris